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Information Technology (IT) Pioneers

Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their heritage companies

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When does my membership expire?
A: Memberships expire in December of the paid through year, click Paid Membership Status then scroll to your name then check your membership expiration year.

Q: I haven't retired but worked for a heritage company, can I still join the Club?
A: Yes, see membership catagories and membership requirements on the Membership page.

Q: Why was the look of the site changed?
A: To give cell-phone and i-pad users a primary with sidebar column instead of a three column view. And to emphasize the Legacy Anthology as chapters versus the Club pages.

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  • Numbers to call if you or your heirs have death benefit or pension questions – you will need an SSN and a PIN.
    • Sperry/Unisys 1-877-864-7972
    • Lockheed Martin 1-866-562-2363
  • Unisys and Lockheed Martin sites
  • Unisys retirees in France - [you can switch your screen to English.]

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Edited 7/28/2022.