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Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their predecessor companies

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Retirement Status and Benefits

Numbers to call if you or your heirs have death benefit or pension questions – you will need an SSN and a PIN.

  • Sperry/Unisys 1-877-864-7972
  • Lockheed Martin 1-866-562-2363

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Our Stories chapter has 'Articles for the Month' links, book titles, magazine article titles, and slide presentations.

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4. Technology Research Sites

Please note that the some date 'data' presented in these sites conflicts with dates of other sites. A few err by omission of relevant facts, reviews the chronology of computers from LABenson's perspective.

5. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)*

In general, computer science is the study of the principles and use of computers. Everything from wristwatches to refrigerators is likely to have a computer in it these days, thus studying computer science is a good career start. Computer science skills can be used across all industries, making for virtually endless career possibilities. Many of the ERA/UNIVAC/Sperry engineers had technology degrees or hands on experiences before Computer Science Degrees were available. From our readers, these links are for future generations!

5.1 Information Technology Education

5.2 Cyber-security Education

*The VIP Club does not control the content of any site linked from this section - each was posted at the request of the 'From' person and each relates to information technology education or cybersecurity education.

6. Links Submitted by Club Members;

6.1 From Bill Bergen

The Navy Code breakers and Their Digital Computers- Chapter 2 of the Story of the Navy Tactical Data System:

6.2 From Dick Lundgren, updated by Dr. Greenia 10/2/2017

Mark Greenia, Author of "History of Computing", has established a Computer History Archives Project video library YouTube channel containing over 40 videos on vintage computers, including ENIAC, UNIVAC System/80, UNIVAC 1050-II, UNIVAC 1103A and many others.

6.3 From Ron Q. Smith

6.4 From Larry Bolton

6.5 From Ed Phillips via George Gray and Ron Smith

6.6 From Al Heiden:

Hi Lowell, Here is a document that could be of CAD interest:

6.7 From John Westergren:

The 24 August south metro newspaper issue and web site has an article by Tony Wagner about the emerging Legacy technology exhibit at the DCHS Lawshe Museum in South St. Paul. See  There are three factual errors in the article: 1) ERA is Engineering Research [printed as Resource] Associates; 2) Lockheed Martin 'shuttered' their Eagan Facility in 2012 [printed as 2010]; and 3) the two truck loads were delivered to the museum in December 2012 [printed as this year.] Illustrated in our Legacy icon above right is the entire sequence of company names from ERA to Lockheed Martin. The article text is somewhat remiss in that it doesn't include the UNIVAC name nor the fact that UNISYS is still in operation.

6.8 From Steve Koltes:

This site had brochures, - link removed because of source changes [2/25/2018] .

6.9 From Dave Shelander:

Glen's Computer Museum has a wide variety of electronic equipment including reference to some UNISYS computers such as the AN/UYK-44. The link is

6.10 From Paul Hove:

From a webinar about computer history Paul submitted the following links:
About Univac History: and
Interesting photos: and
A Jim Thorton paper on the CDC 6600: